Are motorized vehicles allowed on the Rail Trail?

No, the Rail Trail is a multi-use trail that is used by pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians.

Where is parking available?

Parking is availble at a number of locations along the rail trail. Please see our Trail Map section for locations and directions.

What is the surface of the Rail Trail?

The Rail Trail is an unpaved ballast surface. It is hard packed stone with loose gravel in some locations.

How can I support the Rail Trail?

The Rail Trail is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting, maintaining and protecting the Rail Trail. You can become a member for only ten dollars a year and there are also volunteer trail maintenance days. You can check our web site for upcoming dates.

Is the Rail Trail open all the time?

It is open 365 days a year, but closed from dusk till dawn daily.

Are horses allowed?

Yes, horses are allowed. All users of the trail including pedestrians must yield to horses.

Are bicyclists allowed on the Rail Trail?

Yes bikes are allowed on the Rail Trail, but bicyclists must yield to all other users.