Rail trails provide a unique and close-up view of local nature. Along the Rail Trial you'll find a number of habitats which are home to local flora and fauna. In this section we will feature interesting seasonal wildlife information. This page will be updated regularly so check back often for new creature features and flora info.

Winter Birds on the Rail Trail by Lynn Bowdery and Ruth Elwell
Click on the above link to view an article about common winter birds found on the Rail Trail. The authors have written this list as an into to, "some of the most common species, so armed with this list you will surely see a bird that we haven’t included, but don’t despair. Half the fun of birdwatching is finding the birds you’ve seen in your field guide. Peterson First Guide to Birds and the Audubon Society Pocket Guide to Eastern Birds are convenient to carry with you and easy for novice birdwatchers to use. " Enjoy.

Tree Shapes Found on the Wallkill Valley Rail Trial

The following trees are commonly found along the Rail Trial. Click on any of the images to view more information. These cards are perfect for printing out on 3x5 cards and taking with you on the trail.

After a fresh snowfall or rain is the perfect time to spot animal tracks along the Rail Trail. Many animals due to their fear of humans and nocturnal nature (only out at night) are difficult to see. However, proof of their existance can be seen in the numerous and diverse tracks that can be found along the trail. The list on the left are just some of the tracks that you could see along the trail. Click on any of the tracks to see details of these tracks. Print these out and take them along some morning after a fresh snowfall. You may be suprised at what you discover.

Have you had a wildlife sighting that you would like to share? If so, please contact us and we will post your observations for everyone to enjoy.

We ask anyone familiar with wildlife in our area to please come forward and submit photographs, artwork, stories, poems, descriptions, etc. to be published here. Students, amateurs, professionals - all are welcome to participate! Please, contact the Webmaster.