Phase 2 of Rail Trail Reports

Vice Presidentís Report

The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Association on June 13 was able to initiate some long needed improvements to the trail bed in the Gardiner. Gardiner Contractor, Paul Colucci, found that he could respond to the Associationsí long standing request to Town builders for bids on work along sections of the trail.

The work which started at the Sand Hill Road intersection with the trail and proceeded north involves adding base stone to muddiest parts followed by grading, improving drainage and rolling , should improve the base of the trail surface and help prevent further erosion. The prior steps leading to this work included a major cut back of brush last fall and winter and a survey of what that cut back revealed this spring. This work continued moving north on the addressing as many of the ten seriously eroded areas as time allows.

This work has been made possible by grants obtained by the WVRTA but to a greater extent by contributions from individuals and groups in the Town of Gardiner. Very generous individual contributions were extended by donation the Gardiner 5K organization of the event proceeds. The WVRTA especially thanks Nadine Lemon and George Majestic for their work in the concept stage of this project. We also are grateful to many people in Gardiner who over the years came to cut brush, mow and cover wet areas on work days and on other days when they just had time to donate.

Some of the grants require matching contributions. P. E. Colucci Excavating donation of machine time costs and donation of dump truck loads of stone for the base of the trail by the Smith family have been a tremendous help in this phase of the project. This phase of the project had a value of $30000. We spent $9700.

Successful use of funds granted that produce real improvements are a key requirement to successful applications for new grant funds. The WVRTA , working with the Gardiner community will continue to seek new funds to address more problem areas along the trail improving drainage .the base and the top surface of the trail. We will add a top coat as soon as we get the funds. Right now the areas with new stone base can be tough on bike tires.

It was a great experience to work with the Gardiner community.


The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Association is proud to announce that Rail Trail has been designated part of the Hudson Valley River Greenway Trail System.

Since 1991, thousands of local residents and visitors have discovered the joy and beauty of the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, a scenic and peaceful 12.2-mile stretch between Gardiner and New Paltz in Ulster County.

This trail is part of a network of more than 1,000 rail trails winding some 10,000 miles across the United States. Because they offer unique opportunities for recreation, relaxation and solitude, these former railroad lines are enjoying popularity among walkers, hikers, bicyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts.

A century ago, the Wallkill Valley Railroad signified machines and speed; today, the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail signifies escape from machines and speed. While the railroad once symbolized power over nature, the rail trail now symbolizes identification with nature. And while the railroad once facilitated travel to distant places, the rail trail suggests a future in which we can enjoy what is in our own back yards.

We encourage you to visit the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail and join a community of people who care about this very special piece of land.


The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail Association, Inc.